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TechJohnson, formally known as Steven Johnson, is a graphic designer in New Jersey who specializes in branding development through high-quality, affordable design services. He is also a host of the Young Parenting Podcast, an audio podcast with his girlfriend where they talk about the struggles and achievements of being parents. With 10 years experience in the graphic design world, there is nothing Steven cannot tackle.

“Good art is a talent. Good design is a skill.”

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Recent Work

Here is some of Steven’s recent work. Interested in seeing more, check out his portfolio above!

Johnson Family Vlogs

In the growing age of social media, taking pictures for memories is becoming obsolete. Video is the future, so instead of taking precious pictures of his children, he captures special moments on video and puts it out there for the world to see. First and foremost, it’s for his own benefit for when his children grow up. However, Steven’s goal with filming his life is to help spread positivity and to make people smile. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Young Parenting Podcast

Alyssa and Steven had their first child, Zachary, together under the age of 20. Alyssa was 17, Steven was 19. The world looked down upon them given the statistics of being young parents, but with great love and motivation, they beat all odds – even when society considered them failures. Two years after giving birth, their boy was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. About a year later, they were expecting their second boy, but things took a turn for the worse and they had an emotional miscarriage. One year later, they gave birth to their second baby boy, Logan, which is an actual miracle.

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TJ Minicasts

My weekly podcast where I talk about anything that’s currently on my mind. This show allows me to vent in a way I’ve never been able to vent before. Whether I’m talking about a trending social topic, or something exciting going on in my life, or even something dark that I’ve been thinking about, I’ll be able to talk. In short, this podcast will act as my voice diary, just for the public to hear!

What are people saying?

Here are just a few examples of what people have to say regarding my design services.

I approached Steven because I needed a professionally made logo that visualized what my YouTube channel is all about. I chose him because he had a great portfolio and seemed like an all around nice dude. He helped me by promptly sending some samples over and we worked from there to create the perfect logo for my channel. Steven was super personable and easy to work with. Overall great experience! I will definitely be working with him again for future design work. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great designer.

Zackary Johnson

Zackary Johnson Photography

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