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Alyssa and I have decided to jump into podcasting!




Meet TechJohnson

I’m Steven. I’m a 24 year old dude from Central New Jersey who makes a living on the internet. By day, I’m a freelance graphic designer. By night, I’m an online content creator. I am the host of the TechJohnson YouTube Channel – a channel dedicated to creating family memories and documenting them for the world to see. My life revolves around my family. If it weren’t for their support and understanding, I wouldn’t be able to create content full-time. Outside of content creation, I’m a huge car enthusiast and nature lover. Interesting in learning more about me? Just follow my Twitter!

Car Meet Etiquette

Car Meet Etiquette

It all starts with a car, a passion, and the willingness to work for car parts. What am I talking about? The car scene. Over the last few years, the car scene as a whole has exploded into a world-wide phenomenon. Everyone who has the slightest bit of interest in cars... read more

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