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Formally known as Steven Johnson, a 23 year-old New Jersey based filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer. His life currently revolves around creating content. With YouTube being his current focus in his online career, he encourages everyone to take a moment and subscribe! He films his life with his family, creates cinematography films, creates tips & tricks and much more. Click here to learn more about Steven Johnson.

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XFX R9 380 Installation

Thanks to a generous donation from an amazing supporter in the TechJohnson Army, I was able to go out and purchase a mid-level graphics card for Black Pilot, an XFX 2GB R9 380. My current computer build is a budget build, which features an AMD A10-7870, 8GB of 2133 mhz RAM, 2x 250GB Crucial SSD’s – pretty much the base of the computer. As you see, there is NO graphics card since…

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First CS:GO Knife Unboxing

I have been playing entirely too much Counter-Strike Global Offensive on my live Twitch stream. I’ve also been getting into opening more cases to make the streams more entertaining, and plus, I enjoy collecting skins, even though I’m just starting out and my collection is pretty small. I’m always trying to grow it, so I don’t mind spending a few bucks on skins if it’s going to make my stream…

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I’m Fat: The Harsh Realization

There is no sugarcoating what I’m about to say, even though the word I’m about to use to describe my self-being can be extremely offensive. My name is Steven Johnson, I’m twenty-three years old, a father of two, and I’m fat. Standing at six-foot four, weighing in at three-hundred thirty pounds, I am no longer classified as overweight or husky. I AM obese and fat. There is no other way to describe it.

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