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Thalia Rosewood Picks: Are they worth it?

As an avid electric guitar player, I’m always looking for the next piece of gear. I feel like that’s a normal thing among us guitarists, but hey, I can’t speak for everyone. With that said, the guitar pick seems to get overlooked by a lot of players.... read more

Why is Pokémon GO Important?

When I was a young child, Pokémon was my favorite game, hands down. I remember spending countless hours trying to defeat gyms and catch ’em all, even in the late hours after my mother told me to sleep (sorry mom, but that little light that attached to my clear... read more

Introducing Live Overlays

Over the last six months, I have been heavily invested in a website called Twitch.tv. This website is a live streaming service where you simply play games, live, to a community of gaming enthusiasts. While I’m still in my early stages of the stream, it’s... read more

Car Meet Etiquette

It all starts with a car, a passion, and the willingness to work for car parts. What am I talking about? The car scene. Over the last few years, the car scene as a whole has exploded into a world-wide phenomenon. Everyone who has the slightest bit of interest in cars... read more

Discipline vs Scaring Your Child

Before I even begin to start this blog post, I want to make a strong emphasis on the following: I do NOT claim to be the perfect parent (since that’s humanly impossible) Everyone has their own parenting style What I am going to rant about is based on personal... read more

Bring Our Newborn Home

One of the best things – if not, THE best – that has ever happened in my life, has been becoming a father. Nothing in this world can give me the same feeling of love, nothing. Give me all the money, the fastest cars, the biggest houses, the most luxurious... read more