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EcoMom Reviews

Eco friendly parenting techniques, products and much more!

The person behind EcoMom Reviews happens to be my second half, the mother of my children. She has been a lurker in the online mommy community and she’s finally getting the courage to break out into her own personality. Slowly, she will start to create YouTube videos and blog articles around mommy products, parenthood, and anything else she finds enjoyable.

To be honest, this¬†logo is a placeholder for her brand. We have a few ideas planned for a proper logo in the future, but she was looking for something simple and modern to start. I thought this was a perfect example of font meshing with logo’s, so I wanted to include it in my portfolio. From a design perspective, I’m aware this isn’t anything special. Just shows my knowledge of font meshing, which is crucial when blending multiple fonts throughout a brand.