My website hasn’t been properly redesigned in over a year. Since I have some huge plans in the works for Live Overlays, and eventually some other projects relating to gaming and music, I just haven’t been focused on my personal website. It was really evident when you would come to my website and feel overwhelmed by the user interface, as well as the user experience. It was a jumbled mess!

Simply put, it was time for a change. This new design is meant to act as a central hub to my online persona. Everything you need to find about me can be found within just a few clicks. No more clicking your way through page after page, just to find my Twitter.

Simple Design

Obviously, the overall design of the website has changed. I’ve decided to make my website as simple as possible, allowing for optical discovery in all that I do. My whole life, I always thought the way to impress people with your work was to display yourself as a professional. In my line of work, the display is important, but I don’t need it to be flashy.

Simplicity is the new meta. I wanted to get a headstart on that realm. As a matter of fact, I can’t take credit for the primary design of the website. An online personality, Kraig Adams, has a very similar website. I wanted to replicate that site, but with my own spin. I think I did a great job!

Strict Focus on Content

Previous iterations of my website included a strict focus on my design work, that’s it. While that is my primary focus currently in my career, as well as something I’m actively trying to push, I’m also doing a lot more than just graphic design. I needed a way to display that without getting visitors overwhelmed by information.

My goal was to have people click what they wanted to learn about me, without reading what it was they were clicking.

My content is at the forefront of all that I do. Whether it be my YouTube videos, graphic design content, or my blogging content, it’s all displayed at the very top of the website. After that, there is a strict focus on my social media, projects, and a few other things that I’m very active on.


Honestly, that’s all I have to cover regarding my website. It’s very clear that moving forward, I’m going to strictly be focusing on my content and social media presence. Of course, additional changes may happen with the layout in the future, but one thing for certain, my focus has never been stronger. If you have any feedback regarding the new design, please feel free to leave a comment or email me here.

Thank you for all your amazing support!

  • Joshua

    I am loving the new website design. keep up the great work.