As an avid electric guitar player, I’m always looking for the next piece of gear. I feel like that’s a normal thing among us guitarists, but hey, I can’t speak for everyone. With that said, the guitar pick seems to get overlooked by a lot of players. I’m not sure if it’s because once we find the one that we like we just stick with it, or we just don’t pay much attention to them, but it’s something I feel should NOT be overlooked.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of different styles of picks, ranging from different sizes, thickness, material, etc…

While browsing Facebook one day, I saw an advertisement by Thalia for their Rosewood guitar picks. I was instantly intrigued by the concept and decided to click on the advertisement. While on their website, I couldn’t help but notice Thalia stating it would give a “warm, yet thin sound” to any guitar. In my head, the first thing I thought of was fingerpicking, which just so happens to be my favorite sound on an acoustic guitar. I love the somber, warm, thin sound it gives. I HAD to buy the Thalia Rosewood Pick. It felt like destiny!

After playing on the pick for a few days, I wanted to demonstrate the tones. In my ears, the sound is warm, but thin – exactly as Thalia describes. If anything, it’s TOO thin of a sound, at least for me. While it sounds great, I feel like it’s lacking more bass than it should, while the highs really sound crisp. Depending on your style, this could work fantastic. However, for me, it’s not all there. With that said, it is a great pick. It’s all personal preference on sound and I would still recommend it!

For an all Rosewood pick, it actually is very durable!