Here are some of my awesome video creations!

Below are a few examples of the type of videos I create on my YouTube channel. I pride myself in being transparent with my channel, as well as being multi-niched. In other words, I don’t like to stay tied down to one type of content. I like to create videos I enjoy, and that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy creating videos!


When I started YouTube in 2009, my primary focus was creating technology related videos. Since then, my focus has changed a bit, but I will always remember my roots. Below is a few of my recent technology videos. If you are interested in getting your product in my hands for review, please shoot me an email.

Life Vlogging

Vlogging is a growing phenomenon on YouTube and for me, it’s a way to express myself. Growing up, I didn’t have many friends, nor did I have people to talk to. Vlogging is almost like my virtual diary, just for the public to see. It’s also a platform to express my creativity if I have small ideas.


Deep down inside, I’ve always had a subconscious calling to create high-quality video. I’ve dabbled around with creating such quality, but haven’t really dove head first. I’m at the stage of learning how to dive and currently belly flopping. Maybe one day my passion for “true video creation” will shine. Until then, I’ll have fun!


A lot of people don’t know this about me, but outside of my online career, cars rule my life. It’s literally my biggest passion in life. All my friends have been formed by the bond of cars and without cars, I wouldn’t have been able to get through some of the hardest struggles in my life. I literally owe my life to cars.