My Resources

My design and development work

Welcome to my resource page, a curated list of tools and websites I use on a daily basis to run my business, as well as optimize my marketing efforts. Throughout the years, I have tested many different resources trying to find the best tools for my business. Rest assured that the following list are products that I stand behind and support 100%.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through my link. This helps support my hosting costs and the ability to keep this site useful and relevant, at no extra charge!

ConvertKit is my number one recommendation for growing and optimizing your email newsletter. Not only do they make it extremely simple to setup and get started, their pricing is very competitive and does not hurt your wallet.

Amazon is slowly taking over the world, honestly. The days of going to a store to get your shopping done are far behind us. Heck, you can even grocery shop on Amazon! But did you know Amazon has an affiliate program?

Bluehost is by far my favorite web hosting company. 99% of my online projects are currently being hosted through them. With their affordable pricing, grade A customer support, and ease of use, it’s a no-brainer!

Sketch App

This is my preferred piece of software when designing a website’s layout and overall theme. While there are numerous other programs that can do the same thing, I just feel Sketch handles larger projects better. It is extremely easy to use and if you’re thinking about making the switch, it’s VERY easy to learn. The biggest downfall is it’s only available on Mac. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Whenever I’m not using Sketch for designing a website’s flow, you could probably catch me in one of the Adobe Creative Cloud software. Sometimes you’ll see me in Adobe Premiere editing a YouTube video, in Adobe Illustrator creating a new logo, or even in Adobe Lightroom doing some photography edits!

Visual Studio Code

As someone in the web development world, having a proper integrated development environment (IDE) is extremely important. In other words, I need a code editor that can handle just about anything I throw at it. No matter the size of the project, or how in depth the project is, I have never had a stutter or hickup with Visual Studio Code. Highly recommended to all developers, especially if you plan to work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


When I’m not working with strictly custom coded websites, I typically design my websites using WordPress. In my personal opinion, WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) currently available, and it’s free!


PayPal is the most popular way to accept payments on the internet. With its high security and nearly an endless amount of integrations, why wouldn’t I? You can also send small invoices for quick payment.


Whenever I’m doing a larget scale project that requires a lot of money transfers, including taxes and 1099’s, I like to use QuickBooks. The main selling point for their service is the organization come tax season. Makes it a breeze!

Google Drive

Google Drive is my preferred cloud storage. I like to keep non-sensitive client files here for backup. Even though I have a backup on multiple harddrives, having a sense of security and the ability to work cross platform is huge!


If you plan to run any type of business, even a freelance business, be prepared to take your ventures past sole proprietorship. For any LLC or Incorporation service, I love using LegalZoom. Highly recommended!

Google Analytics

Accurate analytics is very important when running any sort of online business or community. Knowing your audience is crucial! It enables you to curate content that better suites your specific community.


I like to take my engagement seriously. Of course, social media is a great way to engage with my community, but I like to take it a step further. Discord allows me to interact with my community on a deeper level.

Google Adsense

With Google Adsense, you could be making a small income by placing advertisements on your website. Advertisements are generated by advertisers using Google Adwords.


Have you ever searched for royalty-free imagery for your projects and found that the majority of the images on the internet are not royalty-free? Yeah, me too. Pexels has a HUGE selection of royalty-free images…and they are free!


I have multiple Twitter accounts that I manage on a daily basis. Having to log in and out of accounts all day is tedious. TweetDeck allows me to be logged into all my accounts and allows me to update everything, at any moment!