Steven Johnson

Web Developer. Car Enthusiast. Coffee Addict. Father.

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How I Balance Work and Family Life

Everyone seems to have a dream of wanting a job that allows them to work remotely. I’m not saying this is a bad dream to have, but it’s not always an easy task when you have a family. I’m extremely blessed that I can work from my home office, but sometimes, I find...

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How to create your first website for cheap!

When I first started my online venture, I was focused on creating content outside of my own platform. I was placing all my eggs in someone else's creation and didn't have a place to call home. This was a huge mistake and I want to make sure you don't make the same...

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Why I Decided to Relaunch My Website

There comes a point in everyone's career where things become a bit stale and you start to realize the path you're on is not where you want to be headed. This could not have been more true for myself a few years back when I made the decision to close the TechJohnson...

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As a full-time web developer, there are certain things I use to have trouble with or tick me off. For whatever reason, creating CSS buttons drives me crazy. I never figure out how I want the button to look and feel, let alone hover effects and focus states. That’s where btnmkr comes in. An easy-to-use button maker for all web developers!

Live Overlays

Live Overlays is a project I started with the sole purpose being to provide Twitch graphics for an affordable price. So many people want a professionally designed stream, but can’t afford top-tier designers. That’s where Live Overlays come into play!

Affiliate Growth

After launching my very first project that offered products, I knew I wanted an affiliate program but didn’t know how to accomplish this without spending loads of money. Affiliate Growth allows product owners to have their own affiliate marketing program at an affordable price.

Twitch Streaming

Gaming has been a lifelong passion of mine, dating back to the SEGA Genesis days. As someone in the creative field, I’m highly intrigued by live video creation. What better way to combine two hugely different passions. Now I can create live content and play video games. It’s a win win.


YouTube is what started it all. If it weren’t for creating content on YouTube, I wouldn’t have got into web development and graphic design. Even though I’m highly focused on building my business and freelance career, I still create content on YouTube based around family, cars, technology, and music.